What are the instructions to be followed after the wisdom tooth extraction?

 After the removal of wisdom teeth it is usually associated with blood loss and the saliva has the taste of blood and the patient is advised not to spit out for at least two days because if we spit out there will be disturbances in the blood clot as negative section develops there will be continuous bleeding from then.

 The next thing is he should be advised to bite on the gossips for at least half an hour in order to create a tight blood clot within the socket so that the healing will be faster and also the patient is not advised to brush in that area because it might disturbed the clot and again the healing will be disturbed

 It is always said that a traumatic extraction has lesser postoperative pain compared to that of traumatic extraction which is associated with huge swelling and also more postoperative pain end excessive bleeding. Sometimes during the extraction there will be chances of aspiration or swallowing of the tooth fragment from the broken both. So the patient should be informed priorly not to swallow anything during the surgical procedure

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