Wonderful Things to See and Do on Kangaroo Island in Melbourne

The island is home to many of Australia’s native animals and wildlife and offers the perfect opportunity to see them in the wild. The island provides visitors an opportunity to break free from it all and avoid the crowds, with rocky coastline and magnificent scenery. Kangaroo Island also has some unbelievable fish restaurants and local produce like lavender oil and pure honey. Visitors can opt to take a guided excursion to the island or have a car and self-drive.With so many beaches and Activities, it can be tricky to know where to begin, so here are some of the best things to see and do on Kangaroo Island.

Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay on the south of this Island has a long, curved white sand beach that was voted Australia’s ‘Best Beach’. It is not tough to see why, with powder so fine it squeaks beneath your toes, and turquoise water that makes you feel like you are somewhere in the Caribbean. Vivonne Bay is very good for picnics, surfing and a lazy day by the ocean.

Seal Bay

At seal bay you will be able to Stand within yards of Australian sea lions as they bask in the sun on the shore. It is an unbelievable chance to get up near sea lions in the wild as they take a break with their young on the sand. Your guided kangaroos near Melbourne group will be accompanied by a National Parks ranger that will tell you all about the seal colony and how they are here. Watch them and take photos as they roll around in the sand and surf the waves as they take a rest from feeding in the sea.

Remarkable Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park are not called a remarkable’ for nothing. The odd-shaped stones have been sculpted by wind, sea spray and rain over countless years, though they look like they might have been shaped by a professional sculptor. These precarious boulders make for a terrific photo opportunity with the orange lichen offering a vivid contrast against the bright blue skies. It is a fantastic place for shooting imaginative photos also – you can jump in the air, crawl under them and climb on top of them.

Sandboarding at Little Sahara

Get a board and have a go at Sand-boarding in the Little Sahara, close to Vivonne Bay. A bit like skiing but minus the snow, you will be sand-boarding down steep sand dunes all the way to the bottom. If it is possible to create the exhausting climb up the sand dune, then you can have great fun whizzing down again.

Kingstone, Pelican Feeding

The Pelican Man feeds the Pelicans daily at 5 o’clock on Kingstone Wharf, providing a humorous and entertaining talk via his mic. Many tourists come to the jetty to see him surrounded by countless Pelicans at feeding time. The show costs 2 bucks.