Virus Shield: Singapore’s Best Way To Counter COVID

acrylic counter

While many may think that the pandemic is over, COVID is still lingering around the corner – infecting people albeit quite slowly than before due to the commercialization of the vaccine among the general population. However, precautions must still be taken now to avoid it furthering any more than it already has been. For this, many methods like the virus shield singapore have still been used to avoid excessive contact between people.

Since the virus spreads by being in contact with one another, virus shields can avoid such contamination by making a barrier between two people. This gives them the needed protection from the virus by diving a boundary and giving each one enough space to operate their work on their desk.

What is a virus shield?

A virus shield is a transparent ‘barrier’ or desk divider that separates two or more desks. It avoids direct contact of any sort, helping in preventing the spread of any viruses. However, since it is transparent, it also allows people to talk and see each other still without any issues or obstacles from opaque walls.

Benefits of Virus Shield

Since a virus shield is mostly made from acrylic, it is transparent and thus, does not stop interactions between the workers. It only avoids direct contamination. Meanwhile, it is small, compact and can be used for any setting – office, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, etc.

It is good for both large areas as well as compact ones like between two desks due to its availability in various sizes as per the need of the customer. And since the material itself is light and hard to break, it is quite easy to fix or repair in case of any damage.


While many may have started thinking of the pandemic as a thing of the past, it is still too early to celebrate as other diseases still spread without obstacles and are killing me. To prevent this, one needs to take necessary precautions to sanitize themselves and the people around them while taking care of their health at the same time.