Pre-applied Adhesive and Spreadable Adhesive. Which one is better?

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Carpet Adhesive is also known as Carpet Glue is the substance used to keep the carpet well-grounded and in place. Carpet adhesives are more effective than carpet tacks as they have a stronger grip that keeps the carpet intact for a longer period of time. Carpet adhesives are excellent for the installation of wall-to-wall carpet and carpet on the staircase. These carpet adhesives can be found in two different types. They are

  • Pre-applied Adhesive
  • Spreadable Adhesive

Pre-applied adhesives come along with a few carpets where the adhesive or glue is applied on the carpet from the beginning. It is a great adhesive however if the carpet is not installed properly it can ruin the whole carpet. That makes it a risky business.

On the other hand, spreadable adhesives are contained in a plastic container that needs to be spread on the surface with a roller or tower before putting the carpet on it. These types of Adhesive last longer than the pre-applied Adhesive and are an excellent choice for carpet installation.

Furthermore, Spreadable Adhesive is extremely versatile as it can be used in different applications of carpet installation. It can be used for felt back vinyl, smooth backed carpets, coarse backed carpets, soft underlay, and so on. On the other hand, pre-applied Adhesive has only the sole use as it comes already applied on the carpet.

When it comes to applying the spreadable Adhesive it also needs to be applied on the surface as well as on the back of the carpet. It allows the adhesive to work effectively. Nowadays, most adhesive companies are going green with water-based adhesive. These adhesive doesn’t contain harmful volatile substances and dries up quickly. If you are looking for carpet Adhesives you should definitely go for these spreadable adhesives.