Programs of Desiccant Canisters in Pharmaceutical Industry

Desiccant Canisters are an essential constituent of the pharmaceutical sector. They are defined as small High Density Polyethylene or HDPE containers with adsorbents such as Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves, Aluminium Oxide, Carbons and their respective configurations. The desiccant canisters are placed in the medication bottles at a really high speed. A specialty of this Desiccant Canister available on the industry nowadays is they are all food grade. The Desiccant Canisters are of DMF tier having 21 CFR and European Union compliance. Desiccant Canisters are designed in such a way that they fit nicely into standard insertion equipment and for that reason can easily be contained in factory lines containing pharmaceutical bottles. Desiccant Canisters can be found in certain standard sizes like 1/2 gram to 3 grams to cater to different pharmaceutical bottles.

Similar to Desiccant Canisters in several ways, Desiccant Capsules are also mainly used to keep dust and moisture particles away from medications, pills and gels. Offered in a vast array of sizes and shapes, Desiccant Capsules can be especially designed according to requirements. Desiccant Canisters have an integral role in the pharmaceutical industry, with Silica Gel canisters being the hottest. In the pharmaceutical in addition to nutraceutical industries, Desiccant Canisters are generally utilized in the packaging of herbal, diagnostic, veterinary, dental and nutritional medicines. These are largely in the shape of pills and capsules. When they are being packaged with bottles, Desiccant Canisters are placed into the packaging lines to make certain that the medicines aren’t affected by moisture, mildew, rust, mildew and micro-organisms.

Moisture Control Is very important for pharmaceutical products as the presence of dampness can’t just spoil the medications, but in many cases cause irreversible chemical and physical changes. This is the reason more and more pharmaceutical companies are turning to Desiccant Canisters to protect products from excessive humidity. There Are Lots of PHARMACEUTICAL DESICCANT industry for different functions. Some of them include, Clay for moisture adsorption, Silica Gel for moisture management, Molecular Sieves for water vapour and impurities adsorption, Activated Carbon for great odour and eventually Silica Gel in conjunction with Carbon to restrain bad odour and excessive humidity.