Know the how and why of root canal treatment

It is done to eradicate bacteria from the affected root canal, stop them from getting re-infected again and protect the teeth. During a root canal treatment, the inflamed part is removed, and the insides are properly cleaned. Then these spaces are carefully filled and sealed. It is nothing to be worried about when a dentist prescribes someone for a root canal treatment as it helps save the natural tooth, makes the pain go away, and ensures healthy teeth. It is a very important procedure, but specialists handle such treatments almost every day. 

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With modern equipment and technology, this treatment is nothing like the way it was done before. It is a very simple and quick procedure that can easily be done in one or two appointments depending on the nature of the issue. One can easily go back to doing their everyday activities like smiling, chewing, etc., within no time.

This process is preferred more by patients as it has many advantages. After this treatment, the patient can chew efficiently. It also gives a very natural look to the tooth and prevents other teeth from getting affected with infection.

This is a normal process, much like getting a tooth removed or getting a filling done as the patients are given anesthesia. Still, it is a bit different as there may be some numbness and soreness after this procedure for a few days. Usually, those patients whose teeth are sensitive get a root canal treatment done.